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Main » 2013 » April » 8 » Indonesia in State of Emergency
9:39 AM
Indonesia in State of Emergency

Jakarta Onews,-- Prison raid Cebongan, Sleman, Yogyakarta, is the terror of the public, the law, and the state.
The Government should establish an investigation team to investigate the case. Moreover, it has become the international limelight. If the case was not disclosed, Indonesia in danger because of the country controlled by armed gangs.

Urging the establishment of a fact-finding investigation team or voiced a number of people, among others, Rector of State Islamic University Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Komaruddin Hidayat; Professor of the School of Philosophy Driyarkara Franz Magnis-Suseno and Mudji Sutrisno; Professor of Law, University of Andalas, Padang, Isra; Coordinator Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence Haris Azhar, and the Executive Director of the Impartial Poengky Indarti, separately, on Monday (25/03/2013), in Jakarta.

According Komaruddin, LP Cebongan attack reflects the demoralized armed forces, both police and military. It was a blow to the government due to legal and loss of confidence in government, and people tend to seek justice in his own way.

"The danger, if the quest for justice was then with weapons. Negative impact is huge because people seemed to get a justification for violence. It also adds to the long list of human rights violations (HAM), murder, and kidnapping, but the actors are not found, "he said.

"It needs the president to form a fact-finding team. If (fact) is not opened and the perpetrators are not punished, the country was in danger because of the country controlled by a group of thugs and law enforcement is not running, "said Magnis.

There is a number of foreign media reported the incident, among others, Malaysian news agency Bernama, Bangkok Post (Thailand), The Straits Times (Singapore), Asahi Shimbun (Japanese), Xinhua (China), Voice of America (USA), The Herald ( Scotland), The Vancouver Sun (Canada), as well as several foreign news agencies.

According Komaruddin, independepen investigation team should involve credible leaders and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) should support at all costs, especially if there will be a strong person involved.

According Mudji, the case shows an outrage. In state law, which happened just jungle law. Therefore, the President should seriously deal with the case. If not, it will create the seeds that shows Indonesia is far from a civilized country.

Haris Azhar judge, it is a political case to the public and state terror. Residents who secured even more insecure. "The President must give full support. Parliament should not only comment, but the show kawalannya on this case, "he said. Poengky Indarti hope the police cooperate with the military police to arrest the culprit.

Director of the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute Febi Yonesta confirmed, the attack shows the government's failure. "In particular, the failure of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in protecting the inmates," he said.

Isra reveal the importance of the case completely. In the context of the state, the failure of disclosure attack is tantamount to the failure of the President to protect the people. "It's a government agency. Only attacked government property and can not protect, let alone protect its people, "said Saldi.

Yesterday, the leader of a number of institutions that are members of the forum of the Supreme Court, Ministry of Justice, Attorney General's Office, and police agreed that the case revealed completely. "Do not worry, the entire leadership of the society is convinced that whoever did this should be disclosed," said Deputy Justice Minister Denny Indrayana.

In Sleman, Head of LP Cebongan Sukamto Harto said there is a potential vulnerability. "From the existing file, the four prisoners were involved in the killing of members of the army. To avoid such retaliation cases in Balfour, Ogan Histories Ulu, South Sumatra, additional security is required, "he said.

Aware of it, Sukamto requested security assistance to the Police in Yogyakarta. He also contacted police to patrol Mlati around LP.

The transfer of prisoners, according to Police Chief Brigadier General Yogyakarta (Pol) Patient Rahardjo, caused ceiling collapsed prisoners Yogyakarta Police Headquarters. However, based on observation, the detention room on Floor 2 Special Investigation Directorate General and the only visible leak in the ceiling.

Before the incident, Sabar said it had requested security assistance to Korem 072/Pamungkas LP, Yogyakarta. "Deputy Police Chief has requested assistance to the Chief of Staff to be assigned patrol Korem there (LP). According to information, the Chief of Staff had ordered the Military to Military Police Detachment, "he said. However, when the attack is not seen any police officers and military guard around LP.

Military Commander IV / Diponegoro Major General Hardiono Saroso said it is ready to assist Police in Yogyakarta to uncover the perpetrators of the attacks. "Do not speculate who was responsible. All became my full responsibility, "he said. (IAM / FER / ANA / DWA / RYO / crew / ANS / SEM / PRA / EDN)

Sources: Compass Print
Editor: Hindra
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