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Main » 2013 » April » 2 » I'm NOT Talking About "My Truth" nor "Our Truth", Neither am I Talkng About "Your Truth"
6:39 PM
I'm NOT Talking About "My Truth" nor "Our Truth", Neither am I Talkng About "Your Truth"

By. Sem Karoba

I am Talking about "The Truth Itself As It Is"

Yes, I am talking about "the truth as it is” without my understanding or perspectives, outside our acknowledgement, nothing to do with your own ones. This is about the "truth as it is”, i.e., the truth itself.

I am not talking about the truth of the Gospel or Quran, or any other religious scriptures. I am talking about the real truth, the truth without and outside, different and separate from religion, philosophy, theory, ideology, nothing to do with mine, our or your preferences, likes or dislikes. This truth is the truth in itself. It needs none of us to stand up and defend it, let alone explain.

As I already said before, the truth is that if there is a beginning, then there must be or will be an end. Or if there is no end, then it means nothing has started. In other words, in this case, in relation to West Papua and Indonesia, and the rest of the world:

  • If there is no conflict in West Papua, then there was no conflict at the beginning; and there is no need to end anything;
  • If there is conflict in West Papua, then there was a conflict at the beginning, and
  • To end the on-going conflict in West Papua, one must acknowledge honestly that current conflicts has a beginning; therefore to end the conflict one needs to undo or just acknowledge the beginning.


Truth always prevails. At no time, nowhere, by nobody, truth ever been defeated, let alone questioned. Whoever tries to explain or defend s/he will find himself/ herself in a wrong position because the truth needs neither defender nor explanation.  

What it needs is just, once again, only acknowledgement and acceptance, nothing more. We must acknowledge what we have done before which are against the truth. And if possible, we must also accept the truth that we did against the truth, or if not against, then just not the truth itself, but something other than truth. (Even though I do not know what is" "not the truth itself” or "other than the truth”).

Another point is that "none of us need to defend the truth.” If there was misconduct, an act against or other than the truth in the past in relation to West Papua and Jakarta, it needs none of us to defend the truth. The truth always prevails. If it seems nothing happening today, just give it a time, as it knows the best time and moment it comes out as the truth no matter what, who, where and when. Atom bomb, grenades, Gospel, Tripitaka, Quran, Ethics, Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Theory, Science are not needed even to explain it. The truth is the truth; it does not need defender or explanation. How can I explain a dog as a dog, or a white colour as white?


Therefore, if I think that Indonesia is occupying my land, then let the truth prove itself that West Papua is an occupied land. However, if the Indonesians believe that they are not occupying West Papua, but they are here to develop West Papua, then let it be. If Papuans believe that the Act of Free Choice 1969 in West Irian was fraudulent, undemocratic and morally unjustifiable, then let the truth proves itself as it is. However, if Indonesians insists that the Act of Free Choice 1969 in West Irian was carried out according to the principles laid out in New York Agreement and according to the universal democratic principles, then do not use weapons, helicopters, jet-fighters, terror and intimidation to defend what you guys belief as the truth. Just surrender to the truth to prove itself to be true.


Because finally, the truth will prevail, because it always prevails, neither Papuans nor Indonesians; not my/ our truth or their truth.

By. Sem Karoba - In

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